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Our Uniqueness
A popular business model in the computer industry is to pick one or two services that you can master and do those things well. As sound as that seems, it is not the model we choose to follow. Technology and innovations in our industry evolve almost daily which sometimes excites us and sometimes not so much. We have learned that one key to our successful business of over 20 years is to enjoy what we do. And we do enjoy the variety of businesses that we encounter and the new challenges that is inherent to every project we accept. Half the fun is researching and finding solutions to otherwise daunting problems. Therefore our business model is to tackle any computer task that we can do an excellent job. Some examples of fun projects we have worked on are:

  • Writing drivers to communicate with hardware. 
  • Writing network loadable modules and services for servers. 
  • Writing software to control robots. 
  • Writing Quality Control software. 
  • Writing web applications that run entire departments.

Of course, to be a well-rounded business we also provide the routine computer services. Such as: 

  • Developing systems to track people and objects. 
  • Writing inventory and accounting software.